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How to pick the right TiVo DVR hard drive?

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While hacking your TiVo DVR, you should never use the original drive that came in your unit. Depending on the method that you employ while expanding the capacity, you might need to use the image on your original drive at a future date. The first thing you should do is remove the original TiVo DVR and store in a safe place.

Update Your PTVnet-Networked HR10-250 to 6.3b Using the Slicer

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DirecTV recently released yet another software update for the HR10-250, 6.3b. Version 6.3 (no letter) was released to give HR10-250 users the faster menus and groups (folders) that were available with non-HD boxes running version 6.2, but many users were unable to access all of the available satellites after the update to 6.3. 6.3a was released to fix that issue, but introduced its own set of problems, mainly audio dropout issues. The "b" version was released to alleviate the audio dropout issues noted with 6.3a.

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Home Theater Enthusiast

What do you buy the Home Theater Enthusiast for Christmas?

We have compiled Christmas gift ideas for the Home Theater Enthusiast since time is ticking down until the jolly old fat elf squeezes his way down your chimney! With less than two weeks until Christmas we gathered some unique gifts sprinkled in with some gifts that are sure to be on a lot of people's wish lists. Also, we assume your enthusiast already has the basic components setup in a home theater such as the right video display and surround sound.

HDHomeRun: Record OTA HD Programs without Installing a Tuner Card

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What is it?

Here is the "official" description from the 9th Tee web site:

Watch over-the-air digital TV from all computers in your home network
Dual tuners - watch multiple channels on same or multiple computers
IR Receiver - use most standard remotes to signal your PC

Compatible with:

DVRs, Placeshifting and the Internet: Future Home Video Trends

We've decided to look into the future of home video and predict five growing trends that we see in this marketplace. Covering DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD, Internet video delivery systems and in-demand video services, DVR storage and placeshifting. Which technologies are disappearing? Which technologies will be the wave of the future?

Since VHS has officially been declared dead, consumers probably will not watch too many movies on VHS tapes nor will consumers continue to use VCRs to record shows from TV. Instead consumers will use Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) such as TiVo DVRs even more heavily.

Speaking of DVRs, high-definition is supported with the release of TiVo Series 3 earlier this year. Many cable and satellite integrated DVRs already supported the HDTV format as well. With storage space continuing to climb, DVRs could morph into an integrated recording and storage unit for not only TV shows but purchased movies and other media as well.

gotomydvr: Administer Your Hacked TiVo Remotely

"Gotomydvr" is a new [beta] service from DVRupgrade that allows you to connect to your TiVo remotely using TivoWebPlus. Using this method, there is no complicated port forwarding required, and you are connected to your TiVo via a secure session, so no user name or password are required in the tivoweb.cfg file (for security reasons).

Enjoy Internet Video Content on your Sony PSP

This how to guide will show you how to enjoy online video content from Internet sites like Google Video and YouTube on your Sony PSP.

This guide assumes you have some basic computer knowledge and know how to connect the PSP to a Windows computer using a USB cable. The guide extensively uses PSP Video 9. PSP Video 9 is an excellent freeware application for Windows machines, but if you're a Mac user you should check out PSPWare or iPSP. Both offer transcoding and syncing features similar to PSP Video 9.

PTVupgrade Relaunched as DVRupgrade

Today PTVupgrade officially rebranded and relaunched as DVRupgrade. The fifth generation website provides a more efficient and easier to navigate user interface as well as integrated tools such as a knowledgebase and help desk as well as integrating the download site for software product downloads.

Lou Jacob, founder of DVRupgrade, mentioned that six years ago when PTVupgrade first started as a pioneer in the aftermarket enhancement of TiVo DVR products, TiVo referred to DVRs as PTVs. Over the years, "Digital Video Recorder" (or DVR) became the standard term used for devices that record video using a hard drive-based digital storage medium rather than a videotape. In addition, Lou wanted the brand change to represent a broadened scope of products and services offered now and in the future by DVRupgrade.

Sony PSP: Turning your PSP into a Portable Digital Video Player

Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) users enjoy an excellent 4.3" 16:9 widescreen TFT screaming for video content. While there are currently over 430 Universal Media Disc (UMD) movies, fewer movie studios including Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Paramount Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video are releasing their movies on the UMD format due to much lower than expected sales for UMD movies. Most PSP owners simply do not want to purchase two copies (a DVD and a UMD) of their favorite movies. So with a dwindling UMD video market, but an incredible portable video screen, what are PSP users to do?

Granted, you cannot use the simplistic iTunes interface to purchase and download TV shows or movies, there are still plenty of choices for PSP users depending on the content and source for the video you would like to watch on your PSP.

Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder 2 Review

Neuros believes their MPEG-4 Recorder 2 is the solution for people who underutilitze their portable video devices because of the hassle involved to convert video from DVR or other video feeds and for those of us that still watch the same three overpriced movies we bought on the UMD format in our PSP wishing that we could easily transfer other video content to use on the PSPs gorgeous screen.  Read on to see if we agree.