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Streaming MythTV Recordings Over the Internet

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My MythTV system records DVB programmes into very large MPEG2 files. These can be streamed around the house over a wireless-g connection without any problems. The bast way to do this is to install a MythTV frontend on a laptop. However, what if I wanted to view them on a PDA or over the Internet?


The VideoLAN Client (VLC) is the answer to all your video streaming needs. It can do all of the above and more, even transcoding the MPEG2 files down to MPEG1 in real time and transmitting them over a HTTP connection to anywhere in the world. However, there is a small catch - none of this can be done with the version which is available under Ubuntu Breezy. You might find some sites which tell you to compile from source, but there is a much easier way...


MythTV Ubuntu Installation Guide - Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of Garry's guide on installing MythTV the easy way. It's assumed that you've followed part 1 and got the basic system working. Now we'll concentrate on some of the additional components.

Remote Control

Here we'll look at getting the remote control that comes with the Hauppauge Nova-T working using the LIRC package. Contrary to almost everything you'll read on the web, this can be done without compiling LIRC.

Kernel Drivers

The remote control should be recognised by the standard Ubuntu kernel. Check it by running:

cat /proc/bus/input/devices

Look for an entry like this one:

MythTV Ubuntu Installation Guide

Article courtesy of Garry Parker at


With the release of Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft), installing MythTV is now easier than ever. Ubuntu is a great basis for a general purpose MythTV box and now comes with the latest version of MythTV (0.20) in its standard packages. This guide focuses on DVB in the UK (Freeview), but much of it should be applicable to anybody installing Myth.

The old Ubuntu Dapper guide can be found here.


I use a completely silent combined backend/frontend system with dual Hauppauge tuners. Take a look here for more details.

A Home with Multiple TiVos

I see this question asked on various bulletin boards from
time to time: "Why would anyone want more than one TiVo?" My response
to them is usually "Why would you not
want more than one?" The following will discuss all of the DirecTV TiVos I
have in my home, with the location, purpose, and notes about each.


Model: HR10-250 (high-definition) DirecTiVo; hacked using
PTVnet and InstantCake and upgraded to software version 6.3a using the

Uses: This one is the "family" TiVo and is used to
watch/record all sorts of programming.

Hack Your Series 2 DirecTiVo Using the Zipper

[UPDATED 10/30/06]

The "Zipper" is one of several methods that can be used to enable certain networking features, such as telnet, FTP, MultiRoom Viewing (MRV), and Home Media Option (HMO), with a Series 2 DirecTiVo. The following assumes you are building a drive from scratch, you know how to enter a static IP address for your TiVo, you know how to and feel comfortable opening the case of your TiVo and computer, and that you are familiar with setting up the IDE connections in your computer. If you do not feel comfortable with those requirements, I recommend you send your TiVo to someone such as DVRupgrade to enable the networking features for you.

HAVA Wireless Technology Review

Imagine a teaching auditorium full of students, each with their own laptop, able to watch whatever is taking place on stage through their laptop and a wireless connection. Not only is the lesson being wirelessly multicasted to all of the student's laptops, but each individual student has the control to pause, rewind and even record directly to their laptop. Seems futurist right? Well, Monsoon Multimedia has created the "special sauce" to do just that today!

Tivoserver: Watch Videos That Reside on a PC

Have you ever wished you could watch videos (such as those "20-second clips") that reside on
your PC, via your TiVo? With Tivoserver (and MRV), you can! The following instructions
(for Windows XP) assume you have a Series 2 DirecTivo running 6.2 that has been hacked
with the SuperPatch to disable encryption and enable MRV.   One method of accomplishing this can be found here.

  1. Download the latest Tivoserver alpha here. Extract the .rar
    file using a utility such as Power Archiver.
  2. Download and extract Cygwin1.dll and place it into the same
    directory as the extracted Tivoserver file.

How To: Make the TiVo S3 Remote Work Around Plasma TVs

Lightrunner came up with a better alternative to the 'onion paper' hood as it just wasn't aesthetically pleasing.

I figured the IR sensor had to be right behind the face plate as with most A/V components, so I decided to take my S3 apart and see if I could shield it somehow without completely blocking it. Taking apart the S3 was very easy and the inside was very easy to work in.

Removing the face plate was simple requiring unscrewing only two screws at each of the upper corners, unplugging the white ribbon cable from the main board, pushing back the three clips at the top holding the face plate to the main chassis and then the face plate is off.

How to Expand Capacity on a TiVo Series3 to 1TB

a TiVo modder, was kind enough to send us his instruction cookbook on how to
modify a TiVo Series3 to a 1TB RAID setup. Scrapping his warranty
paperwork, lightrunner
used an external RAID setup to increase the storage capacity of his S3 to over
130 hours of HD programming and over 1240 hours (or 52 days) of standard
definition television!


Things you will need:

Best DVR Accessories

With Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) becoming a required piece of consumer electronics in many households, we figured it was time to recommend a few accessories to help you get the most enjoyment out of your DVR. The first two DVR accessories listed are really more of a requirement for anything above just basic usage and include a satellite or cable feed and the proper audio and video components. The final accessories really take you a step beyond your basic setup and enhance your DVR experience. As always, feel free to post your thoughts in the discussion area.