Getting More from Your TV with Place Shifting


Are you easily spooked by terms such as “place shifting?" Don't be. This is actually an easily used technology that is far less intimidating than it sounds to most of us.

Did you record the game, or your favorite "can't miss" show last weekend when you weren’t home? Did you watch it later? If so, you've already used “time shifting." Place shifting is similar to this, but even more fantastic. If you use your DVR to record the game and then watch it from somewhere other than your house, you are “place shifting.”

If you've ever wished you could take all of your favorite shows with you wherever you are, then place shifting is for you!

How Your DVR Works

A DVR works by using computer technology to record from your television. A hard disk digitally stores the video so that you can access it later on. Because it’s actually computer storage, this digitally recorded video can be sent to you elsewhere via the internet. You can “stream” video from your TV at home through the internet to your computer at the office or across the planet.

What it All Means to You

With place shifting, your DVR (Digital Video Recorder) can be used in conjunction with new technologies like Slingbox by Sling Media or Orb Software to let you watch your television and recorded programs over the internet from anywhere in the world that you can get online. This could be your office, a hotel room (and a million other places) to access your video from your own TV.

If you purchase a Sony VAIO laptop this summer, you'll find that you're already equipped to use place shifting via Sony’s LocationFree Software that will be pre-loaded on some systems.

So, your television viewing preferences are no longer limited by time or by place. When you place shift, you’re no longer at the mercy of “real time” or “real place.” Isn’t this exactly what you've always wanted from your television? You won’t want to miss out on this incredible enhancement to your world of television watching.

Place shifting is a huge step ahead. It’s like packing a lunch AND your TV before you leave home. Imagine being stuck at the office working late and still being able to catch the game! You may not be in the comfort of your own home, but you do have the comfort of your own TV, and the programs you can't live without, wherever you go.

The Best of Place Shifting

DVRs are most popular with people who travel. Now that you know what place shifting can do for you, does taking that business trip sound a little less tedious? Imagine being a thousand miles away and still being able to catch your local team, despite the fact that the game isn’t being broadcast where you are.

By using DVR place shifting, that game can be watched in real time (or not) via the internet wherever you happen to be. You can still discuss the play by play back at the water cooler on Monday even though you were out of town all weekend. Now THAT is the epitome of technology that's both user friendly and useful!

With a DVR, your television viewing is incredibly personal. Network and prime time scheduling means nothing now, because you can view your TV choices at any time which suits you. The best part is that you get to do this from wherever you happen to be.

Putting You in Control

After all, who exactly is in charge of your TV choices? These days, you are, now more than ever. For the place shifting afficianado, missing those favourite TV programs is a thing of the past. Not only are you a time shifter, you are now also a place shifter who can virtually carry your home TV across the planet with a few clicks.

You never have to worry about missing your favorite show again, no matter where you are. Take advantage of place shifting today, and let your DVR set you free.