Review: MovieBeam Set-Top Box & Service

A few months ago, our Sling Media guy,
Jeremy, posted a thorough review of the
Moviebeam on-demand box and service on his blog, Live
. From the article:

"Today, Moviebeam’s offering is, in a nutshell, $199 set-top
box that delivers up to 10 movies per week (it comes with 100 or so available to start!), available
in an instantaneous on-demand offering at prices ranging from $1.99 to $3.99 per movie. All movies
are available at either DVD or HDTV quality, and the box does not interfere with any other TV or
Internet offerings in your household. After some hands-on use, I have to say, the product is quite
fun to use, and a welcome addition to my home."

You can find the full review here, as well as Jeremy's
thoughts on Moviebeam