Update Your PTVnet-Networked HR10-250 to 6.3b Using the Slicer

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DirecTV recently released yet another software update for the HR10-250, 6.3b. Version 6.3 (no letter) was released to give HR10-250 users the faster menus and groups (folders) that were available with non-HD boxes running version 6.2, but many users were unable to access all of the available satellites after the update to 6.3. 6.3a was released to fix that issue, but introduced its own set of problems, mainly audio dropout issues. The "b" version was released to alleviate the audio dropout issues noted with 6.3a.

The following assumes you used PTVnet with your HR10-250 to add networking capability, you are currently using software version 3.1.5f, you are using a DVRupgrade-approved USB 2.0 network adapter (Linksys USB200M version 1 [no "Version 2" sticker on it], Netgear FA120, or Hawking UF200), and that you can provide a static IP address for your TiVo. You also need the Slicer (version 1.3a or 1.4), SmartFTP, and Win32Pad. Make sure that the Slicer is on your TiVo somewhere (read the article for more information), and that you have the default editor in SmartFTP set to Win32Pad.

Note that if you're comfortable using the vi editor on your TiVo, you can use that and edit text files in telnet; nano is another option and is a much easier editor to use than vi. If you have an HR10-250 that has already been upgraded to 6.3/6.3a using the Slicer, see the note (***) below.

Confirm that you have the 6.3b slices. In telnet, echo mls /SwSystem | tivosh . If you see "6.3b-01-2-357" in the list, you have the slices. You may also have "6.3-01-2-357" and/or "6.3a-01-2-357," but disregard those. If you do not have the 6.3b slices, you should be able to force a Daily Call using your ethernet connection to get them:

  1. In telnet, cp /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit.orig (this makes a backup of the file). If you can't write the file, type rootwrite to make the filesystem read/write.
  2. Locate /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit in SmartFTP. Right-click on it, and choose Edit. In Win32Pad, Edit > Goto Line # (enter 532).
  3. Change export DEBUG_BOARD=false to export DEBUG_BOARD=true (instructions at TCF indicated commenting out some lines in rc.sysinit.author as well, but I had no such lines)
  4. Save the file, close Win32Pad and SmartFTP, and reboot your TiVo (reboot in telnet).
  5. After your TiVo has rebooted, go to Messages and Settings > Settings > Phone > Connect to the DVR service now. The next morning, you will most likely have the 6.3b slices. After you have confirmed you have them (echo mls /SwSystem | tivosh), proceed to the next step.

Forcing a Daily Call over ethernet worked every time for me to get the previous software version (6.3a). I saw mention that 6.3b had just been released, so I checked my HR10-250, and the slices were already present.

In telnet, go to the directory where the Slicer is located and enter

./slicer 6.3b-01-2-357

Hit ENTER or y at the prompts as appropriate. The Slicer will run checks to make sure you have everything required, and if everything is there, it will proceed with the upgrade. After everything is installed, you will need to provide a static IP for your TiVo and your router's (gateway's) IP. Double-check your entries, otherwise, you may not be able to log into your TiVo after the upgrade.

Reboot the TiVo after the Slicer installation is complete. If all went well, you should now have 6.3b, complete with groups (folders) and your networking capability retained. Don't be alarmed if the HR10-250 reboots itself immediately after the first boot with 6.3b; this is normal.

*** If you have an HR10-250 that has already been upgraded to 6.3/6.3a using the Slicer, check to see if you have the 6.3b slices. If you do, you can immediately run ./slicer 6.3b-01-2-357. If you do not have the 6.3b slices, edit /etc/rc.d/StageD_PreMfs/rc.Sequence_150.CheckForDebug.sh using the same procedure as rc.sysinit above (line 45: "export DEBUG_BOARD=true"), reboot, and force a Daily Call. Your 6.3b slices should appear after 2 a.m.

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Do not create a Season Pass within TiVoWebPlus version 1.3.1 after the 6.3b upgrade, as your Now Playing List may no longer work (selecting shows in the NPL does nothing). If you have already scheduled a Season Pass in TWP, just delete it, and your NPL should work again.


  • rootwrite
  • cp /tvbin/tivoapp /tvbin/tivoapp.orig
  • cd /tvbin

  • mv tivoapp tivoapp.tmp
  • cp tivoapp.tmp tivoapp

  • chmod 755 tivoapp

  • echo -ne "\x3C\x02\x00\x00" | dd conv=notrunc of=tivoapp bs=1 seek=1602412

  • echo -ne "\x10\x40\x00\x2b" | dd conv=notrunc of=tivoapp bs=1 seek=6713220

  • echo -ne "\x24\x10\x00\x01" | dd conv=notrunc of=tivoapp bs=1 seek=2804900
  • echo -ne "\x34\x11\x00\x00" | dd conv=notrunc of=tivoapp bs=1 seek=903436
  • echo -ne "\x24\x10\x00\x01" | dd conv=notrunc of=tivoapp bs=1 seek=1118524
  • echo -ne "\x10\x00\x00\x14" | dd conv=notrunc of=tivoapp bs=1 seek=5724672

  • rootread

  • reboot


To get fakecall working after the upgrade, edit /ptvupgrade/bin/fakecall.tcl:

Change (line #36) dbobj $ssobj set Complete 7


try { dbobj $ssobj set Complete 7 } catch junk { }



  • cd /tvbin

  • cp AlmostThere.png AlmostThere.png.orig

  • rm AlmostThere.png

  • cd /init/ptv_images

  • cp PromScreen2Version7.NTSC.png /tvbin/AlmostThere.png


Most of the credit for the above should be given to rbautch at TCF (and here) for the instructions. The above procedure is not "officially" supported by DVRupgrade, so don't go asking questions in the Official DVRupgrade Forum in the DVRplayground community. There are several threads on 6.3(a/b) at TiVo Community Forums. Credit for the HMO/HME patches should be given to "mr_zorg" at DealDatabase.

WARNING:  Do NOT use the patches listed above with 6.3e; the patch locations are different in 6.3e. More information on this will be forthcoming.