DirecTV TiVo Life Extension

Well folks, the WAR IS ON and after months of waiting and wondering, DirecTV TiVo customers are finally beginning to understand just how DirecTV's long term decision to migrate AWAY from TiVo, in favor or their own proprietary DVR technology, would mean to them. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be anything good, at least not short-term.

Should I get rid of my DirecTV TiVo?
To date, there are no compelling features or functionality, delivered or announced, of DirecTV's proprietary DVR systems that seem be of interest to an already existing DirecTV TiVo customer. In addition, these units do not appear to be comparable to the DirecTV TiVo units customers have come to know and love. Its all a matter of opinion of course, but all seem to agree that at best, the new units are barely as good. And lastly (and possibly most importantly), these new units are not upgradable at all. Not with a simple capacity upgrade, and certainly not with the variety of network enhancements many of our customers have come to realize are of tremendous value to any upgrade enthusiast who wants to remain on the cutting edge.

The Bottom Line
Its about DirecTV TiVo LIFE EXTENSION. Don't get rid of your older SD or HD DirecTV TiVo unit. Embrace it. Coddle it. Upgrade it. Enhance it. And make sure the world knows that your DirecTV TiVo is still 'state-of-the-art' - don't dump it for something that will limit your options in the future!