Cutting Commercials Using VideoReDo

VideoReDo’s AdDetective Commercial Detection makes short work of cutting advertisements out from your videos. AdDetective scans your files for likely places where advertisements start and end. You can preview and change AdDetective recommendations before editing, or let VideoReDo Plus do the job automatically. Not only will VideoReDo detect and cut commercials, but VideoReDo also has a batch mode that will let you cut commercials for multiple video files too.

In order to start cutting commercials with ease, you first need to enter Cut Mode. You can check or change the Mode you are operating in by clicking Tools then Options… then look at the Editing Mode and make sure Cut Mode is selected. By clicking the OK button you will save the choice.

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Once you have loaded the video and are in Cut Mode, there are several ways to cut commercials.

Manually you can place markers and delete segments. First, move the timeline cursor (upper slider) to the black frames just before the beginning of a commercial or the first frame of a commercial. Once you discover the best frame to start the cut, press the button titled “Sel. Start” to mark the beginning of the segment. The cut mark appears on the timeline. Next, you find the best frame for the end of the commercial and press the “Sel. End” button. The ending cut mark will appear and the space between the marks will turn red to indicate the commercial. Repeat this process as much as you need through the rest of the video file.

Alternatively you can use the AdDetective Commercial Detection which will save you quite a bit of effort and time. To start the AdDetective you can either hit Ctrl-A or choose Start Ad-Detective Scan from the Ad-Detective. It usually is really that easy!

Sometimes if AdDetective is not quite locating your commercials, you may need to optimize AdDetective. If you are having issues, the first step you should take is disabling Fast Search by clicking Ad-Detective and choosing Set Ad-Detective then deselect “Enable Fast Search”.

Next you need to check to make sure the detection area is appropriate by adjusting the detection area rectangle. In this case, you need to navigate to a transition containing the station logo or watermark. Then you click on Ad-Detective then choose Set Ad-Detective Parameters and review the detection area rectangle. You adjust the offsets so the TV station logo is not in the rectangle.

The last AdDetective optimization tip is to adjust black levels. You can modify the black levels in three ways including using the current frame in the display, using a series of frames or by manually setting the average, peak, and contrast levels. We adjusted the black level using the current frame method where you navigate to the black frame in the transition between a commercial and the show. Next, click on Ad-Detective the Ad-Detective Parameters and choose the Display/Set Levels button. At this point the Frame Statistics dialog box will appear and you press the Set Value button to accept the current frame and overwrite the previous threshold levels.

Finally, after all of the cuts are made you can preview your cuts by selecting Preview Mode to view your edited video before saving. While previewing the video, you may need to modify your cuts by double-clicking on the edit the using the “S” and “E” keys to navigate to the beginning and end of the cut. You can then modify the marks using the buttons again. Finally, a dialog box appears asking for confirmation of the changes.

When you are finished previewing you can now save your commercial-free video. The file takes a couple minute without re-encoding the entire video. Only the part you viewed in preview mode will be saved.

VideoReDo’s batch mode will allow you to scan multiple files with Ad-Detective. To start this choose Tools then Start Batch Manager. The Batch Manager appears and you can select your destination folder for the Ad-Detective project file scans as well as setting Destination Type to VPrj – Ad-Detective Scan. Next, press the Source/Project File button and navigate to the folder with all your video files. You can select multiple files using either the Ctrl or Shift keys and press the Open button. Finally, press the Save and Exectute button to being scanning the files.

Using any of these methods you will quickly be able to edit out your commercials in TiVoToGo or extracted video from a hacked TiVo saving quite a bit of time especially when using AdDetective in Batch Mode. If you still use TyTools to edit out commercials, you need to give VideoReDo a trial run but we think you’ll like it enough to purchase it for $49.99.