General Video Editing with VideoReDo

VideoReDo works really well with a hacked TiVo’s extracted video files and TiVo Series 2 TiVoToGo files, but VideoReDo can also be used with captured video from a plethora of other devices such as Pinnacle PCTV To Go, video capture cards (like the HDHomeRun) running with various software DVR packages, DVDs and even home videos taken via your digital camcorder.

VideoReDo is a perfect companion to the Pinnacle PCTV To Go “place shifting” device. The device records directly to a MPG file that can be read into VideoReDo without any conversion. To locate the video files, navigate to the My Documents folder on the computer on which you run the PCTV To Go client, and you will see two directories related to Pinnacle: “My PCTV To Go Recordings” and “PCTVToGoTimeShift”. The latter file is used by PCTV To Go as temporary storage for real-time time shifting. You want the “My PCTV To Go Recordings” folder.

Pinnacle PCTV To Go Files

The recordings are then separated into directories by date and time the recordings were made. Once you locate the correct recording directory you simply need to read in the file with the .MPG extension. Once the MPG video file has been read into VideoReDo, you can edit the video file without losing quality transcoding from another format.

Moving on to the homebrew DVR crowd, most software DVR packages capture data in the MPG video format which can be directly read into VideoReDo. Using video capture cards such as the AverMedia and Hauppauge or a networked tuner like the HDHomeRun, you can capture video directly from over-the-air signals. You can then load that MPG video file directly into VideoReDo and edit without having to convert the edit.

In addition to editing MPG video files, VideoReDo can load and modify VOB files which can be extracted from DVDs (VOB files are multiplexed MPEG-2 video stream, audio streams and subtitle streams).  VideoReDo can handle single VOB files, as well as combine VOBs so you can create a video file to watch out of the various VOBs on a DVD. Only unprotected files, though.  Finally, VideoReDo can also help create DVDs with the ability to create chapter files for your DVD authoring program.  I think it’s only a matter of time before we see VideoReDo include DVD authoring as a top-shelf feature of the software package.

Finally, VideoReDo can be used as a frame-accurate video editor for home videos that have been captured on your digital camcorder. In addition to giving the user the power to create precise cuts at a frame level, VideoReDo provides real-time preview of your edits so you can check your work before saving to make sure you selected the optimal frames to cut.

VideoReDo can be used to edit video and remove commercials in more applications than you can count.  No restriction to TiVo at all really.  The ability to edit recordings created by Pinnacle’s PCTV To Go or the various software / homebrew DVR packages using video capture cards (such as the HDHomeRun) makes VideoReDo a powerful and versatile video editing tool.

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