Using VideoReDo to Edit Extracted Video From Your Hacked TiVo

If you have used TyTools to cut out commercials from your extracted video from a hacked TiVo, you know what a time-consuming, non-exact and ultimately frustrating process that is. VideoRedo can save you time and make those exact cuts. In addition, using AdDetective Commercial Detection, VideoReDo can even find and cut commercials in your extracted video.

TyTools cannot make exact cuts in the video because TyTools relies on a a “GOP-accurate editor” which makes cuts on a GOP boundary instead of at the frame level. If you want perfect cuts, you have to be able to make a cut on a specific frame. “GOP-accurate editors” could combine 12 or more frames which means your cut could allow a snippet of a commercial to appear on your finished video or perhaps you cut a 1/2 second or so of the program. VideoReDo is a frame accurate (frame level) video editing tool so you make a cut at a specific frame.

In addition to providing frame accurate and exact cuts, VideoReDo has a feature called AdDetective Commercial Detection that seeks and destroys the commercials in your extracted video for you! It could take as long as 15-25 minutes to run through a show using the editor included with TyTools to find the start and finish of all the commercials. AdDetective can run through an hour long program in less than 5 minutes (making frame accurate cuts too!). In addition to seeking and destroying commercials, there is a batch mode that will allow you to run through a group of extracted video recordings. Imagine cutting out commercials for a season of your favorite program while eating dinner!

If you’re interested in using VideoReDo on extracted video from a hacked TiVo, you need to first have a hacked TiVo. Quite simply the easiest way to hack your TiVo is by using InstantCake. Other products exist and you can hack your TiVo yourself as well.

Once you have a hacked TiVo, you then need to learn how to extract video. While not a trivial task, this write up will hold your hand through the process.

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Extracting Video with TyTool - Click me to expand screenshot

While you can use VideoReDo instead of TyTool to edit the video, you will still need TyTool to extract the video and convert the .TY to an MPEG file.  Before exiting the TyTool application, first choose File then under the Process section choose Multiplex File(s). A new window allowing you to Pick Files to Multiplex should appear.

Multiplex Extracted Video to a VOB - Click me to expand screenshot

Using the Directories and Files, locate the .TY file you extracted earlier. Once you find the file, select it by clicking once with the mouse then click the Add button. The name of the video file should appear in the Files to Process section. Click Process.

Extraced Video Multiplexed

Once the multiplexing is complete, you will have an MPG file which you can directly open and edit with VideoReDo by loading VideoReDo, choosing to Open a File and browsing to the MPG file.


Do yourself a favor and save your time and make precise cuts using VideoReDo, which is available from DVRupgrade for $49.99.