gotomydvr: Administer Your Hacked TiVo Remotely

"Gotomydvr" is a new [beta] service from DVRupgrade that allows you to connect to your TiVo remotely using TivoWebPlus. Using this method, there is no complicated port forwarding required, and you are connected to your TiVo via a secure session, so no user name or password are required in the tivoweb.cfg file (for security reasons).

Before you begin using gotomydvr, you need a TiVo (standalone or DirecTV) that has been hacked to enable networking features and is running TivoWebPlus (or, for Series 1 units, TivoWeb). For Series 2 DirecTiVos, you can use several methods, such a PTVnet or the Zipper, to enable those features. If you do not feel comfortable with either of those methods, you can send your TiVo to DVRupgrade, and they can enable the networking features for you (more information here); DVRupgrade offers services for both Series 1 and Series 2 units. Note that some standalone TiVos require a PROM mod to enable certain networking features.

To begin using gotomydvr:

  1. Register with gotomydvr here.
  2. In a telnet session (you may need to enter "rootwrite" or "rw" first):

    http_get -T 0 -C 0 -D /var/tmp -U [ENTER]

    sh /var/tmp/ [ENTER]

  3. Copy your system service ID that appears near the end of the script.
  4. At the gotomydvr site, register your TiVo under "My Account." You'll need to name the TiVo and paste its service ID into the appropriate boxes.
  5. In telnet again:

    /gotomydvr/etc/rc.gotomydvr &

  6. At the gotomydvr site again, go to "Select TiVo" and click on the TiVo name. If you're using TivoWebPlus 1.3.1 (and perhaps other versions), enter "oztivo" and no password if a login box pops up. If you edited tivoweb.cfg, enter that information instead.

You should now be able to use TivoWebPlus as though you were connected directly to your TiVo on your LAN.

Repeat the steps above for any additional TiVos you would like to register with gotomydvr.

Note for HR10-250 users running 6.3a or standalone TiVos running 7.x:

Prior to downloading and installing gotomydvr, do the following:

  1. In telnet, mv /tvbin/http_get /tvbin/http_get.old
  2. Download http_get from here and extract it using a program such as WinZip.
  3. In an FTP client, navigate to /tvbin/ and copy the extracted http_get file to that directory.
  4. Continue with steps listed above.

For more information, visit the gotomydvr thread at TiVo Community Forums here or visit DVRplayground's "official" forum topic". Updated installation instructions can be found under "Help" at the gotomydvr site.