TiVo Series 3 or MythTV - Finding the Better Fit

TiVo Series3: Where My TiVo Series3 Fits in My Home Theatre

One of the first signs of developing domesticity is buying a number of items for your place, including your home entertainment system. For a lot of people, being able to invest in a set of equipment designed for this purpose is a meaningful and happy time. Not unlike one’s PC or lap top, your entertainment system becomes individualized on some level.

Two forces seem at work here: budget and desire. At my home we’ve never gone beyond owning the basic stuff: PC, Playstation 2.5, TV, VHS, and a DVD player. Then the TiVo Series 3 came along.

What’s Really Necessary?

First of all, no one in my home’s a technophilic genius. I wanted to add something to my home system that didn’t require another college degree just to install. Due to my limited technological skills, MythTV wasn’t an option. For me, it would be like trying to sell a bicycle to a fish.

I wasn’t a complete novice. Mostly, we’d suffered along with an old-fashion VCR. Then we had a DVD player, which obviously was handy for movies but not great for recording TV programs. We ended up with a bunch of unlabeled disks floating around, perfect for use as coasters and Frisbees. Spending our time scrounging around, hoping to find just one disc with enough room on it for another episode of a favorite TV show was beyond frustrating.

All I wanted to do was be able to record my favorite shows, mostly science fiction, including every shade of Star Trek ever made. Being able to do this while I was out working, shopping, or spending time with a friend was essential. I needed the freedom to do as I pleased and still be able to see my show.

Another primary motivator for me was peace and quiet. I wanted to end the bickering with my family about who gets to watch what, when. I needed to be able to record my show, then put my child to bed without letting the little one watch anything inappropriate and still be able to get my Trek fix.

Why won’t I just buy them on video instead? I’m much more free-wheeling than that, and I don’t care; I just want to record the show, watch it an hour or two later when I have the time to and then clear the space on the HD!’ I don’t even want ‘a video library.’ Once I’ve seen it, I don’t want to save it. I want to clear the space so that I can do it again without any hassles.

MythTV vs. TiVo Series3

Okay, so let’s say I face off with these two competitors. Would anything make me change my mind about which I preferred?

If I was all about wires and computer programming, then I might choose MythTV over the Series3. If I wanted something more complicated, I also might prefer the MythTV option. I only like more complex stuff when I do know what I am doing. Doesn’t everyone?

I just wanted the ease and convenience offered by the Series3. No confusing features, like with MythTV, and no worrying that I’ll ever miss my favorite shows. I’ll admit that if I did know all about plugs, wires, and computer programming, then I might like the MythTV more.

Thanks to our wonderful Series3 device, the number of arguments at home has declined, plus the amount of spontaneity in my own life has increased. The TiVo Series3 fits perfectly into my streamlined home theatre without creating any annoying new clutter. It’s fantastic! The kids can watch Winnie the Pooh while I catch an episode of The Sopranos, and none of my precious offspring is traumatized.

I’m happy with my choice, and feel confident that it’ll offer my family (and friends) years of entertainment pleasure. There were plenty of other choices out there, some of which would also have worked for us. But for effectiveness, and straightforward simplicity, the Series3 is the best fit for me and my family.