Adding Storage for Capacity and Redundancy

So, today I decided it was time to add a few drives to my EX495, just to see how it easy it was, expand the capacity, and more importantly, ensure that I had some redundancy in the case of a drive failure.  

After doing a bit or reading, I came to the realization that the MediaSmart Server does not use RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) for reliability, but instead uses "File Duplication" to ensure that if one drive fails, another contains the data so that nothing important is lost.  Of course, the operating system manages the information, so the end-result of a hard drive failure does not require much on the users' part, other than the replacement of the defective drive.  In my opinion, RAID is more efficient than "File Duplication" but it is also more expensive to implement, and does have some stricter guidelines when it comes to the configuration of multiple disks in a system.