DirecTV TiVo Problems?

Apparently there are quite a few people having issues with DirecTV's new HD DVR and DirecTV's TiVo DVRs (such as the HR10-250) where people say the DVRs fail to record shows and mysteriously delete programs previously recorded.

"Tonight my HR10-250 states it deleted Cold Case on TNT HD early to make space for another program. The kicker is, it did not record the program it supposedly deleted and the only program scheduled to record was Cold Case," says a poster named lmk911.

I guess the folks over on TCF plug their DirecTV TiVos into the phone line.  Silly people trusting DirecTV to deliver software!

Has anyone noticed these issues?  Perhaps DirecTV is sabotaging the TiVo boxes to get rid of them and replace with their own HD DVR.  Yet another reason to hack your TiVo.