Hungry? Now, Order Domino's Straight From Your TiVo

Yes, the moment you've been waiting for is finally here.  You won't even have to winch yourself from the comfort of your own couch or barely burn a calorie to order a steaming hot Domino's pizza pie - as long as you're a broadband connected TiVo subscriber!

Order Domino's With Your TiVo

Today, TiVo and Domino's have teamed up to give you the Domino's application for your TiVo.  Starving TV addicts will be able to build their own custom pizza order using the TiVo remote, and the service will sync up with your account to make satisfying cravings even easier.  Those who order will pay COD for their beloved piping hot treats.

What are you waiting for, TiVo people?  It's way past lunchtime - order up some Domino's on your TiVo!

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