No Decision in case against Cablevision's Network-DVR

According to Multichannel News, as of Wednesday, November 1st, there has not be a ruling in the case against Cablevision's proposed network-digital-video-recorder service.  The content providers -- including 20th Century Fox Film, Turner Broadcasting System, Paramount Pictures, Disney Enterprises and broadcast networks ABC, CBS and NBC -- claim that the network-based DVR generates a second unauthorized programming "stream" stored on Cablevision's servers.

Cablevision's response is that they are "facilitating the customer's fair use" and that their system is no different than today's set-top DVRs which allow subscribers to automatically record and playback programming.

The planned Cablevision "RS-DVR" (Remote Server DVR) system is based on Arroyo Network's VOD systems.  Arroyo was recently purchased by Cisco Systems with the deal set to close a couple days ago.  Judge Denny Chin is expected to rule within the next few weeks.