ReplayTV Shows Off Personal HD Solution

Replay TV (remember them) made the transition from standalone DVRs to PC software some time ago. Now it looks like their dabbling in hardware again, but not in standalone boxes. Their just announced "Personal HD" solution looks to be a USB perpipheral with integrated NTSC/ATSC off air tuner, and comes bundled with Replay TV software that plays nicely with Apple's iPod line of video compatible MP3 players like the Nano, Classic, and Touch and other portable devices. The package also comes with an HD antenna, remote control, USB cable, Quickstart guide and one year of ReplayTV Electronic Program Guide service (annual EPG fee thereafter: $19.95 per year).

It's said that ReplayTV Personal HD is compatible with terrestrial antennas, and also most analog cable, select digital cable, and satellite set-top boxes.

Features noted by Replay include:

  • Integrated iPod Support: With the new iPod support, users can watch high-def television via their Apple TV or take programs with them for viewing anytime anywhere via many popular models of the iPod including the iPhone.
  • Multiple-Tuner Support: Multiple shows can be recorded at the same time if additional tuners are installed (not included). In addition to the included ReplayTV tuner, ReplayTV Personal HD also supports leading tuners from Hauppauge, ATI, and Pinnacle.
  • Smart Channel Guide: ReplayTV Personal HD makes the Channel Guide work for you. You can place your favorite channels at the top of the guide so you can easily and quickly see whats playing on them. You can always tell whats being recorded because the time bar features a record indicator so you can plan what else you want to watch or record with absolutely no guesswork.
  • Powerful Search Features: ReplayTV Personal HD makes finding compelling content a breeze. Find your shows within seconds, such as primetime shows, season premieres, and finales. Easily capture shows that feature favorite actors, directors, and genres. ReplayTV Personal HD organizes shows by airing, making it easy and quick to pick your favorite series to record.
  • Recorded Shows: ReplayTVs innovative Recorded Shows screen presents the latest shows youve recorded -- Whats New -- right along with all your episodes grouped by show. This organizing principle makes navigating through hundreds of shows fast and accurate. And when its movie night, ReplayTV organizes all recorded movies under one tab.

ReplayTV Personal HD will be distributed at major online retailers and direct from ReplayTV for an impressive low price of $99.95. Not bad for an all-in-one solution that includes a year of service.

What do you think of Replay's new solution?