Integrated DVRs

Recording HD Content From Your Cable or Satellite Provider?

One of the most frustrating scenarios for DIY DVR fanatics, such as myself, is the lack of sources for HD content. Sure, we can install multiple OTA HDTV card offerings from AverMedia, ATI and DVICO, but that only allows you access to the HD content of your local free air networks. However, when your favorite basketball team is only playing on ESPN in HD, you start to question the value-add of your investment...

What can you do? DirecTV, DishNetwork and your local cable provider have all closed-access systems... Well that is about to change or already has changed. Some of these content distribution networks have already started to slowly allow access to their content, including standard and high definition. This access is being made available via multiple mechanisms such as FireWire access from set-top boxes (STBs), third party STB modifications, and even PCI cards for your PC.