Placeshifting (Slingbox, Hava, etc)

Slingbox + TiVo: More Uses Than Just Watching Recorded Shows

I should begin with a brief introduction: I have been a DirecTV + TiVo user for well over a year. After a few months of only using a “stock” DirecTiVo, I decided to move to the “dark side” and add a few “hacks.” The easiest way for me at the time was to use PTVupgrade’s PTVnet to add networking capability to my Samsung SIR-S4080R. I have since added four DirecTiVos to my network, and they also used PTVnet for networking. Due to my obvious interest in TiVo modification, I was asked by Lou Jacob to be a Moderator for the new community that contained his support forum – DVRplayground (also part of Capable Networks).