Standalone DVRs

Getting to Know Neuros OSD - The Analog to Digital Bridge

...the analog jam is the problem we face when we have content stuck on analog outputs and no convenient way to get it digital. Neuros OSD is a killer solution to that problem... enough so that they should have called it the Neuros AJF (analog jam fixer).

Most of us in the tech biz often find ourselves wading through newer versions of the same hardware - this new HD-DVD player adds this feature, this new game system has more realistic graphics, or this new MP3 player that is supposedly better than the iPod. For the tech nerd like me, the yearning to play with a new device that isn't just a better version of a 10-year old innovation is the reason we exist. Innovations are always coming out, but truly unique devices, like Slingbox or TiVo, don't come around every year.