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First Impressions of Akimbo

I had been keeping my eye on the Akimbo folks for the past year so when they dropped the price of their Internet DVR to below $100, I figured it was time to give it a shot. What follows is my initial take on this intriguing new product/service combo. I will surely follow up with additional impressions and feedback after I put some hours in.

A quick intro for those not yet familiar with this product. Akimbo makes a digital video recorder (like TiVo) that only downloads and stores new content from the Internet. This is a hot new trend and is now being referred to as IPTV. Actually, IPTV is probably much broader in concept and doesn't have to include the hard drive storage component like Akimbo provides. But give Akimbo points for capitalizing on the DVR craze. This box is shaped to fit in your home entertainment rack and plugs into your TV/receiver using familiar cables, so it shouldn't be any more difficult than setting up a DVD player. With one exception...