HDVR2 network adapter dead after 6.2 upgrade

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HDVR2 network adapter dead after 6.2 upgrade

Sorry if this has already been addressed but have not been able to find a article on it. 

I've upgraded my unit to a 320GB hdd and installed all the required software and it has been running great.  Able to see everything and backup the data/recordings.  I had a upgrade pushed to the unit for 6.2 last night 3/17 and today not working. I tried it a while ago and now the network adapter is dead.  I rebooted system after letting it sit for awhile and still nothing, from it.  The updates were:

320gb hdd (copied old hdd to it), SW-PTVNET-DL-151, uperpatch-67all-NutKase, trendnet adapter from dvrupgrade (TU2-ET100), and DTV Tivo Software Version 6.2a-01-2-151

I'm not that unix savvy but originally thru all the documents and forums I got my way thru it and it worked but could not get the networking to show up in the menu's (but not a biggie it still was working great).

 I'm at a loss at this point and dunno where to even start. I did however notice in the system menu it no long states at the first line saying "Hacked". Should I just re-run the PTVnet software on it but I'm not sure what version I have? or is there a easy fix/patch that needs to be run to update?

Thanks. Any advice would be helpful.


Ok  I tried running the

Ok  I tried running the PTVnet again and it just comes up with the missing directories. have tried this on all 4 channels of the ide.  It see's the drive in the startup but I'm not able to access the drive to put on the hacks again.

Does anyone know if I need to have the slicer to reinstall or am I just pooched and have to rebuild from scratch and instantcake (which I really did not want to do)




After you have booted from

After you have booted from the PTVnet CD, try entering ctrl-c to get a command prompt and then PTVnet force.

This is supposed to allow older versions of PTVnet to be installed on newer versions of the Tivo software. 

Please help.  Is this a known

Please help.  Is this a known problem?  I installed my new kit last night everything working fine.  Got wireless networking going and access through browser.  This morning I get a message that I'm updated to 6.2 on Tivo and no more networking.  Less than 24 hours with an expensive upgrade and its all over???  What is the easiest way to fix please.

Been awhile without this and

Been awhile without this and next weekend is when I'm going to try to get it working again. Going to try forcing it again but it did not work the last time. Have not let it update since it blew up and stopped working but am going to hook the phone back up.  Any other things to try? Is it worth getting The Slicer? or should I get it working then put on The SLicer.  If this can be done or am I starting from scratch again?  ( Have the original HHD still for backup)

Thanks for the enlightenment.