TySuiteJ—Alternative to TyTool

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TySuiteJ—Alternative to TyTool
Couldn't make it work - all I

Couldn't make it work - all I get is No Content is Available....... TyTools works fine, tried to enable the debug mode and get same error, no real 'debug' info to troubleshoot with. Would like to be able ot convert on the fly to .mpg's


Did you install dserver.tcl

Did you install dserver.tcl on your TiVo? It is in the tivo folder that came with TySuiteJ. You need to put it on your TiVo using binary ftp transfer to wherever your hacks are installed. TivoTools uses vserver, which is a different program altogether. TySuiteJ uses dserver to communicate. Both can peacefully coexist on your TiVo. (As can tserver, which is what TyTools for windows uses.) Hope this helps. Griffin