is it even possible to network a DirecTV R10?

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is it even possible to network a DirecTV R10?

Hello all! I have a DirecTV model R10 version 6.2 that I would like to connect to my network so I can archive and burn to DVD my favorite programs. I've searched the net, and keep running into dead ends because it seems all of the network upgrades I find don't support the DirecTV model R10. The R10 seems to be repeatedly singled out as not compatible with what ever software I find. :mad:

Is there a technical reason why this model can't be networked, or is extremely difficult to network? Or are there tools out there I just haven't found yet? I don't mind getting technical, so if it's possible but difficult, I would appreciate some direction on where to get started.

TIA!! :)

answer found?Thanks for

answer found?

Thanks for reminding me about this... I think I found the answer to my own question a few days ago, but forgot to post it here. I read on another forum (can't remember where now) that DirecTv added a hardware EPROM chip to the motherboard that detects and prevents modifications to the R10 kernel. That's why none of the mods are supported by it.

However, there is still a solution if you are brave. There are people out there who are selling modified EPROMs that remove this protection scheme. They sell for about $25, but require skilled desoldering of the old chip, and resoldering of the new one. Unless you are a professional (not for hobbyist), expect to pay another $50 to $100 for a skilled TV/VCR repairman to do this for you. Only after that is done will you be able to modify the kernel on the R10.

If I find the links to these resellers again, I'll post it here.

I dont know about you guys

I dont know about you guys but when i purchased my RCA DVR80 it only cost me around 100 bucks and is very hackable but i purchased mine about 1 year ago when i changed from Dish to Direct but that might be a better option for you.


DirecTV not supporting

DirecTV not supporting tivotogo features

DirecTV is not supporting the tivotogo features. They have us locked in at the older firmware that does not support it, and have disabled the USB ports for attaching network devices. :mad: The only solution I am aware of is the EPROM hack I mentioned above, which will then allow you to hack the kernel to enable networking.

johnwayne said:I found a

johnwayne said:

I found a solution to the R10 networking problem without kernal mods and I can use harddrive modified with PTV to network it. I have it running on my network right now with a older RCA DVR. I just got through upgrading my computer with a new motherboard and Athlon Xp Cpu and very faster ram. The R10 can be networked.

Can you please elaborate on this? As far as I know, the only way to network an R10 is by making a hardware modification, our tools cannot be used (alone) to network an R10.

And the answer is?

And the answer is?