Is 3.1.5f InstantCake still available for the HR10-250?

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Is 3.1.5f InstantCake still available for the HR10-250?

I have a couple of HD Tivos (Hughes HR10-250) - one is locked on 3.1.5f and PTVNet and is rock solid.  The other has no hacks, but has had upgraded hard drives in it and is now on 6.3.??? and is not stable at all. The drive tests good it seems to be the software.


I can put them OEM drive back in it (pre-3.1.5f software) and then let it call in and try to get the 3.1.5f update then block it from calling in to get anything newer - OR I could just pay $20 and download a 3.1.5f instant cake ISO and put it right on the version I want and be done with it.  I have been upgrading Tivos with free tools for years - all the way back to my S1 stand alone, but I don't mind paying to simplify things - as I did with the PTVnet ISO.

Except, the note for the IC 3.1.5f versions say: InstantCake for these units is now shipping with 6.2a of the system software; this software includes updates for the recent DST changes -

but later it says:

This version of InstantCake will prepare your drive with version 3.1.5f of the system software. If your unit is eligible for the 6.3a or 6.3b version of the software, it will be updated automatically after being online for a few days.

Which makes it sound like what I want?

I can deal with the DST issues but I would like to try this box on 3.1.5f and do not want anything newer - so I can see if this solves my issues or not.

 Is this ISO still available for sale or must I go back to my OEM drive?  If still available, I don't understand the differences between:

 InstantCakeHD 3.1.5f Special Edition (download)

InstantCakeHD 3.1.5f Standard (download)

I guess I am ready to be a repeat customer, as soon as I figure out what to buy Laughing .