Backing up 6.3a slices

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Backing up 6.3a slices

Background Info:


-Hacked with PTVNet Upgrade Disc & Instantcake 3.1.5f image


How do I go about backing up the 6.3a slices out of MFS? The first time I ran the slicer and did the update from my hacked and stable 3.1.5f install I got everything working fine until I was doing the final hack i needed to do (bufferhack) after the reboot for bufferhack I had lost network (doh) so I had to restart from scratch. This included waiting 3 days for my tivo to get the 6.3a slices again.

 So how do I back up the slices so I don't have to wait for my tivo to download them again? Or is there a way to upgrade to 6.3a and then take an image of the drive and create a new instantcake type disc to use with my PTVNet Upgrade Disc?