A Cheaper Way to Network Your TiVo Wirelessly

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A Cheaper Way to Network Your TiVo Wirelessly

There's no need to spend $90 for a wireless ethernet bridge (or wireless gaming adapter). Get a Linksys WRT54G router and convert it to an ethernet bridge (with four ports):

1) Make sure it is a version that can be loaded with a third-party firmware. For a list of compatible serial numbers, look here: http://www.linksysinfo.org/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=10230 . Notice that the ones starting with "CDFB" cannot be loaded with a third-party firmware.

2) Get Tofu's latest modified HyperWRT firmware for the WRT54G at http://www.linksysinfo.org (you must be registered to use the download section).

3) Flash the new firmware using Linksys' TFTP utility (you can also use the web-based utility in the router, but the TFTP utility is safer).

4) In the router's setup, go to Wireless.

5) Change the Wireless Mode to "WET" (Wireless Ethernet Bridge).

6) For the SSID, enter the name of the AP you'll be connecting to.

7) Go to Administration, and click the "Reboot" button.

8) After the router reboots, go to the Setup page.

9) Set the router IP to something within your other router's subnet (such as Your other router won't be able to assign an IP to this interface.

10) Disable DHCP (devices connected to the WRT54G, such as your TiVo, will get their IPs from your main router).

11) If you use wireless security (WET, WPA, etc.), set the WRT54G to match the main router's settings in the "Wireless Security" tab.

If you can't find an older WRT54G, (version 4 and earlier), you could always get a WRT54GS instead, though it's a little more expensive. If you use a GS, replace every reference to "Tofu" above with "Thibor" (same web site, Linksys Info). If you use a WRT54GS, look at the bottom of the box. If the serial number begins with "CGN7," it won't work, as it uses the same chipset and OS as the WRT54G version 5. Note that you can flash a WRT54G to make it WRT54GS, though you must load DD-WRT on it first: http://www.linksysinfo.org/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=11597&highlight=wrt54g+flashed . If you don't have any Linksys gear with "SpeedBooster," there's no point in flashing a G to a GS.

A WRT54GL is also an option, as it is basically a WRT54G version 4 (use Tofu for this router).

Wal-Mart has the WRT54G for $49.97 now, but I got mine at RadioShack for a little more (but it also has a rebate). A guy in the store actually checked out the serial numbers while I was on the phone with him (Wal-Mart only had version 5 routers).

Note that I actually had my TiVo working with an old Hawking 802.11b USB adapter, but it turned out to be way too slow (6.2 software doesn't support 802.11g adapters).