IC PC hardware requirements

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IC PC hardware requirements

Got a bit of confusion here, I have a HR10-250 that has a crashed hard drive, D* is going to replace it but will not get the unit unti wed-thur of next week. Wife is not a happy camper with 3 kids:)

D* does not want the HR10 back, so I am wanting to try the drive build using IC to see if I can get the system up and running while we wait for the new one.

The instructions are straight forward, but the one issue that I can't find is the PC requirements for this. I have current technology machines but would rather not disassmble them to do this. I do have a old Dell XPS-R450 in the junk box (yes I am a packrat). Given the age of this box I am pretty sure it does not have large hard drive support, I am planning on replacing the failed drive in the HR10 with a 320 GB ATA 133 that I have available. Will the fact that this PC does not have large format drive support cause an issue on the running of IC?

Would like to save my wife's sanity and my peace of mind by doing this:) Any help would be greatly appreciated