InstantCake and HR10-250

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InstantCake and HR10-250

I have anxiously been waiting for folders for my HR10-250. I understand it may be a while before D* delivers that.
So I stumbled upon this thread and other info on InstantCake.
I have read about hacking TiVo's in the past but have been afraid to jump in. Especially with the cost of the HD TiVO.
But this sounds interesting. If I understand it correctly, you purchase the version 4 software, install it on a new hard drive and put it in.
It sounds too easy, and too good to be true.
If this is the case than it seems pretty safe, you have your old hard drive that you can put back in if things go horribly wrong.
Am I right? I have built my own PC's for years so I am comfortable with bios settings, moving drives around, etc. So, I think it sounds within my abilities.
When you are done, do you have all the goodies from stand alone TiVo's? Folders, USB support? If so, what do you do to make sure that D* doesn't throw an upgrade on top of your new version?
Thanks in advance.