LBA48 CD and Universal Boot CD 11

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LBA48 CD and Universal Boot CD 11

Hi there:

I am very new at this and I have some questions.  Thank you in advance for any help and suggestions.

I have the Series2 unit, TCD540. I have successfully used the LBA48 CD to create a TiVo drive using a 300gb harddrive.  It is working famously from what I can see.

Now, I would like to enable the FTP and Telnet as well as install TivoWebPlus.  So, I purchased the Universal Boot CD 11.  I tried to follow the instructions for installing the TWP but to no avail.  At one point, the drive was even non-functional so I had to figure out what file(s) was(were) missing and restored it(them).

It appeared that the TiVo drive only has 2 partitions (7 and 9). Some texts online indicated that some drives has 3 partitions, 4, 7 and 9.  Mine only has 2.  I put the TWP stuff in /var/hacks directory.  However after installing it back into the TiVo unit and starting it, I couldn't access TWP.  When I connected the drive back to my PC, the /var/hacks directory is missing as well as changes that I made to the netfilter file.

Anyone has any suggestion?

Should I just get the PTVnet CD?

Would the PTVnet CD work with Series2?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...