Network Call and telnet/ftp

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Network Call and telnet/ftp

I moved this thread from the Networking forum as I thought this was the more appropriate forum. Thanks. 


 I have a RCA DVR40 and just upgraded to a 400gb HD using PTVNet/IC. During the installation, during the "Network Call" feature I chose NO. At that time it said it would be easy to change this anser to YES in the future. Well it is in the future now :) and I wanted to change the answer to YES because I realized that there is no benefit to having the TIVO call. How do i go about changing my answer? I hope it does not involve reopening my TIVO.

 Also, how do I FTP or Telnet to the TIVO? What functions do they serve? I did a search and have not been able to find a plain english answer. I am able to log into TivoWeb successfully so my networking is working. Thanks a lot.



I just tried to answer your

I just tried to answer your questions on the other thread.