PTVnet DIY Software CD Instructions

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PTVnet DIY Software CD Instructions

The PTVnet Software Utility is a Linux Boot CD distributed in ISO format. We expect, the savvy computer user that you are, that you know how to burn an ISO to CD.

If you don't, here's a good place to start. If its still not making sense to you... well, we recommend you consider purchasing a full upgrade kit, or using our professional installation services. DIY tools are not intended for everyone.

Once you've burned your ISO, you will need to shutdown your computer, connect one or two drives intended for use in your DVR (please see prerequisites in the accompanying product overview) and carefully follow the boot screens and system prompts.

You will need to know the configuration of your CD-ROM drive (is it on the primary/secondary master or slave?) as well as the configuration of your TiVo drive(s). We highly recommend you disconnect your PC's system drive, or any other drives which contain important data on them - this will reduce the possibility that you will accidentally overwrite any important data.

Note: If you are using InstantCake in conjunction with PTVnet, please boot your PTVnet disk FIRST and then supply the InstantCake CD when prompted. Some folks have reported problems when building a disk with InstantCake, and then rebooting and installing PTVnet; this would not be expected to work unless the freshly "baked" drive is first installed in your TiVo, and then reconnected to your PC for PTVnet configuration. Clearly the recommended method is faster.

Screen shots viewable here.

General Support and Usage Information

Basic usage and support information can be found here; you'll want to review this information once you've installed/configured PTVnet and want to get access to your TiVo using your home network.

PTVnet Official Technical Support Thread

Please use the official support thread if you have additional questions or need help.