PTVnet General Support Information (pre-configured kits and DIY CD)

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PTVnet General Support Information (pre-configured kits and DIY CD)

This is the general support information we send you when your kit is shipped. It seems not everyone gets it (check your spam filters before ordering, to ensure all mail from comes through), so I'm reposting it here:

A few notes to get you on the right track when you receive your unit back from us:

1) Your unit is configured to exist as a DHCP client on your network.

We expect that you understand your home network well enough to ensure that your router/firewall is configured properly, and that you'll have no problems ensuring the a DHCP-server is somewhere on your network and supplying your TiVo with an IP address upon booting. Your PTVnet kit is configured with USB2.0 drivers which have been tested on several Linksys, Hawking and Netgear USB wired adapters. If you did not purchase a USB to Ethernet adapter from us, we recommend you use one of the adapters already known to work. If you are going to use a wireless device, even one we've supplied (802.11B or 802.11G bridges from Linksys) we recommend you FIRST connect your unit to your network using a wired connection. Make sure everything works before proceed to configure your wireless connection.

If you have ordered a wireless product from us, here is more information that you will need: The SSID has been set to "any" and WEP is turned off. If you are running WEP in your environment, turn it off temporarily. Use the included Linksys configuration utility to connect to the bridge, reset the SSID and enter your WEP key. The configuration utility will allow you to directly enter your WEP passkey, then you can restart the bridge, re-enable WEP on your router, and restart things to continue.

2) You will need to know your TiVo's IP address to use it with TiVoWebPlus, telnet and FTP

If you do not know how to use your router's administrative functions to determine your TiVo's IP address, take a look at this tuturial and it may help you out:

The screens may be different than your router's, however the concepts are the same.

Another alternative for finding your IP address is using the ANGRY IP SCANNER which is a free program to discover devices on your network. Here is a link to the software, which is free:

To use TiVoWebPlus, simply type in the IP address of your TiVo into any standard web-browser. If you want to use a hostname, such as "TIVO" instead, look at the end of the aforementioned tutorial on editing your Windows hosts file appropriately. Other applications (eg telnet and ftp) will simply use your IP address / hostname in the same way.

PASSWORD INFORMATION: TiVoWeb and HackMan User Name and Password are all set to "ptvupgrade/ptvupgrade" by default. If that doesn't work, try using "password" as your password. All of these passwords can be easily changed.

3) Your unit has been configured to not require a daily phone call. This means that you do not need to plug your unit into a phone line at all. For PPV events, you will need to either schedule them at or by calling 800-DIRECTV and ordering.  If you decide to force your unit to dial out, please forewarned, that if there are any updates to the DirecTV software and your phone line is enabled, they will be downloaded and applied to your unit - this can cause the loss of your PTVnet functionality, and you will need to send your drive to us for a recertification. We recommend you keep your phone disabled unless recommended to do otherwise.4) You do not need to perform a "clear and delete everything" as indicated in the last step of the printed instructions -- your kit as already been configured to work without having to perform this step, so you can ignore it. You may need to setup your satellite preferences again, however. Should you accidentally peform the "clear and delete step" or end up in a situation where you need to perform a "test call" using the phone line, it is no problem to do so - before making your test call, go to "phone dialing options" and ensure your dialing prefix is correctly setup (no strange characters, call waiting symbols, etc) and that you set up your area code correctly in the configuration menus.We appreciate you selecting our service over others; much of our business is generated by references and testimonials - if you are happy, or have any feedback to offer, we'd appreciate your feedback, testimonials and referrals!In addition, if you can take a few minutes of your time to rate our service here, we'd greatly appreciate it:

Thanks again,