Purchased PRVupgrade drive problem

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Purchased PRVupgrade drive problem

I recently purchased an upgrade drive for my Hughes SD-DVR40 rather than rolling my own. Initially I called and added the TIVO service to my existing DirectTV service. I recorded a show the first night I after I put in the upgrade drive, and later that evening I watched the show. While watching the show and trying to fastforward and pause the controls were very sluggish and slow to responde. It would fastforward and not stop for quite a while after I told it to play again. This being a new unit I thought that I might have to "clear and delete" everyting to regain control of the unit, clear the memory so to speak. I did so and I am hung up at the "phone home" option of the setup. the progress bar does not advance once I do complete a test call and it always returns to the "test phone" after making the test call. After reading several articles on the forum I soon figured out that I may need to reset it and how to tell it to make a fakecall. This I did through a wired connection initially, and again through a wireless connection. I have set the phone prefix to ",#" and the area code to "410" in the phone options which is what I believe them to be for the fakecall. After I ftp'd fakecall to the TIVO it set the prefix to ",*" and suffix to ",*" and not just ",#" as a prefix. After all of this I still get sent to the test call when I press the record button and cannot make any recording settings without getting past the test call.

Initially I waited 24 hours to get my local channels back and thought this might help ease the situation, but it has not.

Is there something that I am missing?

UPDATE:I don't know why but


I don't know why but after getting the network connected and using NetWebPlus to scheduled a recording everything is as it should be on the Hughes unit. For some reason it did schedule a show that I did not want which I erased, but the rest is now working fine.

I can now view wired or wireless with no problem using a Netgear WGE111 and a Linksys WGA54G.