Question about DVRupgrade HR10-250

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Question about DVRupgrade HR10-250


I'm new to this forum and to the DVRUpgrade software, but not new to TiVo modification or to customizing Linux kernels. I searched the forum here to no avail, and this seemed like the place to request some info.

I purchased a pre-modified HR10-250 about a year ago that displays the "DVRUpgrade" logo on the startup splash screen. I've been enjoying the extended capacity for some time, but have just now decided to get it on my network and explore the other features. I bought a recommended USB Ethernet adapter (Linksys 200m v2.1) and I'm ready to begin.

My questions are these: How do I determine which DVRupgrade software package was used to upgrade my TiVo? I understand that since it was upgraded pre-12-06, I will need to update the software... can I do this without losing the recordings I've accumulated thus far?  How do I decide which downloads to buy for the required updates?  (this next one may be a long shot) Am I entitled to any free or discounted updates since I already own a copy of the DVRupgrade software?

Any help is appreciated.

If you are going the DIY

If you are going the DIY route, you may want to look at the PTVnet software available here.

You do need to be sure that you select the correct version (ie if your unit is running 3.1.5f, or 6.3, pick the correct version of PTVnet) if you want to install the software while leaving everything else on your drive intact.

If you want to start from scratch, which is what I would recommend since our system is in a 'unknown' state, then you might want to just pick out versions 6.3 of the PTVnet and InstantCake software, and overwrite your drive. 

You should also run full diagnostics on the drive if you are going to take it out of your unit and connect it to your PC.


Some links:

PTVnet 6.3

InstantCake 6.3d

well, I went with the 6.3

well, I went with the 6.3 PTVnet and it looks like I made the wrong choice.  I put the drives back in my TiVo and it is continually rebooting.  It spends about 30 seconds on the "Welcome.  Powering Up..." screen, then about 15 on the "Almost there" screen (with the DVRupgrade logo), then repeats the loop.  Since I spent the $20 on your site for the 6.3... do you think I could get a gratis copy of the other? pretty please? :)  Or is it better to just give up on saving what I have recorded and overwrite everything (man, I hope not)?

another question... Is it

another question... Is it feasible to back up my recordings somehow, then use instancake to overwrite my drives?  Keep in mind that I'm very linux-savvy, I just don't know which slices to mount and which files hold the good stuff

ok well I went ahead and

ok well I went ahead and bought and downloaded the HR10-250 instantcake 6.3 ISO and went through all the paces with it and the PTVnet ISO... now I have a fresh install.  I thought I messed something up but apparently my memory served me incorrectly and pin 0 is to the *left* of the notch on an IDE connector... oh well.  it's looking in good shape now.  I can say that I definitely needed the 3.x version originally, but I'm sure happy to have the nicer 6.3 software.  that alone is worth losing all my recordings, season passes, etc.  I'm sure DTV will run it all again anyway :)

I thought this worth

I thought this worth mentioning:

I originally intended to use PTVnet and Instantcake together as is recommended all over the place.  After futzing with my PC for about an hour, I realized that the multiple IDE controllers (2 onboard PATA, 1 onboard SATA, 1 PCI SATA) were not going to allow the linux kernel to assign the CDRom on the "secondary IDE" (really a separate PATA-only IDE controller) to hdc... so I went and tore open my wife's PC which is much simpler and old-school when it comes to IDE controller configuration.  Then, I booted the PTVnet CD with the following IDE config:

hda: TiVo drive A (250g)
hdb: TiVo drive B (250g)
hdc: CD-Rom

I answered "yes" to the question about using InstantCake, and put the CD in.  Away it went, baking my drives (about 20 mins).  When it attempted to return me to the PTVnet program, I got to answer a couple of questions before it puked.  Memory access fault - the linux equivalent of the Windows bsod.  Since I knew that InstantCake had finished its business, I rebooted with the PTVnet CD and let it do its thing.  I was left with a bootable TiVo.... with a #51 hardware error.  I had heard that if you used PTVnet and InstanCake together, this wouldn't happen... but I guess I wasn't really able to do that.  So here I sit... posting because I'm waiting on this incredibly long C&DE :grin: