Remote Control/HTTP Failure on SAT-60

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Remote Control/HTTP Failure on SAT-60

I've been out of the TiVo modding practice for quite some time and I have to say InstantCake sure makes life a lot easier!

Alas, I dropped a new InstantCaked 200Gig into my recently ailed Sony SAT-60 with a TurboNet card installed.  (120Gig hard drive finally kicked it)

Sony T60 DirecTiVo
InstantCake 6.2 for Sony SAT-60
200 Gig TESTED Maxtor 7200RPM
TurboNet adapter (not CacheCard, though it has been ordered)
TiVoWebPlus installed with functioning HTTP

Everything looked great until my remote decided to stop functioning the next day.

 - The red light on the remote indicated that it was sending with each key press.
 - When the switch on the side was on TV, the TV responded correctly.
 - When the switch on the side was on SAT, the red light on the TiVo would blink when I pressed buttons indicating that it was receiving, yet nothing else would happen.
 - When pressing buttons on the front of the TiVo,
the red light would blink yet nothing else would happen.  (meaning the
buttons on the front are received by the front panel, but not affecting
the TiVo)

The TiVo continues to
record and playback what ever it is currently working on without a
glitch and I am able to telnet in remotely without issue.
I am NOT, however, able to connect via HTTP.  (I usually am able to do this.)

Rebooting the Tivo fixes
this problem.  The remote and buttons on the front begin functioning as
soon as the satellite sync begins.  (pressing thumbs up nets the sync
steps on the bottom)  HTTP is also restored.

This works for a day or so.  Then the problem returns...
I have checked the white cable very closely (used a jewelers loop) and
there are no problems.  It has never been removed and or reseated.  The
HD power, HD data, and network cables have been routed so as to stay well enough away from the front display cable.  However, since HTTPs is dead when the remote control and front buttons seem to die, this leads me to believe that the two might be related.

Has anyone else run into this problem?  Any insight?

 - strylib