SA2 Model TCD5400 Software

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SA2 Model TCD5400 Software

I have never booted the Tivo so I don't know what Tivo s/w version it is running. I would like to backup the orginial drive (80GB) a replace it with a bigger one (250GB) and keep the orginial in a safe place.

I just want to make sure that I purchase the correct software. I am going to purchase the Instant Cake s/w however I would like to know if I need to purchase anything else like LBA48DD or the Universal Boot CD?

I would like for the following results after the upgarde:

1) More recording time (do I need to use -r4
2) Be able to use telent/ftp so that I can
transfer music and picture from home PC to Tivo
3) Video extraction to PC
4) Wireless via USB ports
5) To able to add additional features and/or
functions in the future.
6) I have read about the killhdinitrd and not
sure if I need this or not.

Thank you.