Slicer with HR10-250

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Slicer with HR10-250

I used IC SE and PTVNet to add networking and capacity to my HR10-250.  I have the slices on the unit for Version 6.3c and am considering using the slicer to make that version active. 

 My question is regarding the instructions for the slicer where it says:

  1. IMPORTANT - we strongly recommend the use of a serial cable when using The Slicer. Due to the differences in OS versions, USB drivers, DHCP and STATIC IP settings, you still may lose USB Ethernet connectivity when using The Slicer, so a serial connection (bash access) is very important to have. Remember, The Slicer is an advanced tool, so before using it, please consult the support threads here and at to ensure you are using it properly and in a way that will work for your particular migration.

I am unclear how to use a serial cable to connect to the HR10-250.  There is no connection on the back of the unit that appears to be what I am familiar with as a serial connection.  Can you enlighten me as to how to follow the above instruction?