Which InstantCake for HR10-250

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Which InstantCake for HR10-250

Well, I just bought myself a stock HR10-250 on eBay. I figured it would be a good idea to start it's new life with us with a new hard drive, and while I'm doing that I thought I'd bump it up to a nice 500GB.

 So, my question is- which version of InstantCake do I want with this?

 I'm not really interested in networking this (I have a nicely hacked GXCEBOT with a CacheCard for that kind of thing), this is going to be the main family Tivo, so I'm really just interested in some extra room and stability.

 From reading the descriptions it looks like the 3.1.5f Standard is the one I'm looking for, is there any advantage/disadvantage of this over the 6.3d? As I said, this is going to be the main Tivo, and as my family have been through a few sessions of Tivos crashing on them while I fussed with the GXCEBOT, stability is crucial.

 Thanks muchly in advance, and as a last thing- is there a 500GB drive you'd recommend/stay away from? I'm leaning towards the Seagate Barracuda as I like the 16MB cache and the 5 year warranty.

Further to this, I can get a

Further to this, I can get a DB35 Series 7200.2 0r 3 for about $60 more than a Barracuda from CDW. Is there a real difference? As I said- stability (and also longevity) is key- so don't mind spending the extra if it's going to make a difference.

And if it is, which one- the 7200.2 or the 7200.3?

Thanks again!