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GoToMyDVR Question

using, I scheduled a couple of programs remotely.. I noticed, however, that even though I selected "Until I delete" as the option of how long to keep the program, it set the option as "Space Needed"  Anyone know how to correct this issue?

What tivo do you have?

What tivo do you have?

What version of tivoweb do you have running?

Did you setup a single recording, or season pass?

Is the recording in the Now Playing List? or just in the ToDo List? 

I just tried this on an HR10 running 1.2.1 and it looks okay to me.  If I go into my todo list and just select the item I told it to record, on the right side it says Keep Until I Delete.  If I select Options next to Record As Planned, then the first option is to Space As Needed.


Hopefully that helps.  If that isn't the problem, you should try setting up a recording locally on tivoweb and see if that makes a difference. 

DSR7000, TivoWebPlus Project

DSR7000, TivoWebPlus Project v1.2.1, Single Recording, I think it shows up on both.  When i go to the Now Playing List and select it, it said None I think.

I should probably also add

I should probably also add that after the program ended, when I clicked list on my remote, that the programs appeared in my list along with my other programs I had previously recorded, but they didn't have any dots to the left of them (like the greens one on the rest of the previously recorded programs).  However, when I went in to the program and manually changed the option to Keep Until I delete, it put that green dot on there now.