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Newbee needs some help

Starting from scratch.....

I am a novice at this and really don't want to earn an advanced degree in electrical engineering, but....

What I want is probably what everyone wants and can't find. I have HD cable with Time Warner and would like to hook up a DVR so that I can record the content I receive so that I can watch it at my convenience. I would like the abiliity to hook up a larger hard drive to keep more movies, etc, or ideally, I would like to be able to burn a DVD to use on my other television.

Now, I know that there are hundreds, probably thousands of you looking at this and shaking your heads and saying what a dufus, but, I am a senior citizen who recently retired and find that I am watching more television than in the past and would like to keep a library of my favorites.

Before you tell me to buy a watzit and tear it apart and hook in zoomit500 and back flush to reset the PRM counter... keep in mind that I am not familiar at all with this stuff.

Your help is greatly apprciated.


i am not terribly advnced at

i am not terribly advnced at this stuff either. However, if you search the internet for things such as Windows Xp Media Center, or if you have Vista Premium, you could then call your cable company and ask if you are able to watch and/or record tv shows onto your computer. (which is what i am looking for right now)

that then would give you the ability to edit them and access them whenever you want.

if you get a windows media center....i think the plug-in is called

I am seeming your article. no

I am seeming your article. no problem to you i will help you. you want to burn DVD, helping for DVD read/writer only. Cheers.............

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