Using DTV DVR with Comcast DVR

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Using DTV DVR with Comcast DVR



I am wondering if anyone can lead me in the right direction here. I have comcast cable, in the Chicago area, and I have an HD receiver which has the hard drive and all inside it for DVR service, but I don't pay the 13.95/mo for the service. I assume that it isn't possible to activate the service somehow without Comcast knowing, which leads me to my real question. I also have a DirecTV DVR (sorry, but I'm not sure of the model numbers of either right now. If someone tells me this might be possible, I'll get them), and I am wondering if it is at all possible to somehow adapt that machine so that I can use it to record TV, while still using my Comcast machine as the receiver. Sorry if I am being completely stupid, this is not exactly my area of expertise. 


Thanks for any help

The only use your DirecTV

The only use your DirecTV receiver would be with Comcast is removing the hard drive from the DirecTV receiver and replacing the Comcast one.

This would only be helpful if the hard drive from the DirecTV receiver is larger than the Comcast one. I am not sure whether it is even possible, since you would need to re-format the replacement drive and load the Comcast software on it. Even if this could be done, you would still need to pay Comcast their monthly fee.

I am assuming you do not have an active DirecTV account, else your best option would be to just drop Comcast.

yeah, i don't have directv,

yeah, i don't have directv, just the box (long and funny story). so it isn't possible to somehow pass through the box and use it to just record?

is there a method to unlock the dvr function on the comcast box without them noticing?