I Got a Call from Dish Network Today

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I Got a Call from Dish Network Today

...after a year of not having their service. The rep asked why I cancelled service with them, and I replied (with as much courtesy as I could), "Because you pissed me off." I let him continue with the list of current offers and such. "So, are you ready to sign up?" I started asking questions regarding such things as MRV and HMO, which he apparently knew nothing about. He said that TiVos are compatible with Dish Network, and that I could use TiVos with their service; I replied that I had four DirecTiVos.

Needless to say, I didn't accept the offer to sign up. He said that the reconnect fee would be waived should I ever decide to start service again...whoopee! In closing with him, I told him to come visit this bulletin board and read about some cool things. Who knows? Maybe we'll actually see some threads about Dish DVRs, since this is a "DVR" board and not just a "TiVo" one.

This poses a good question.

This poses a good question. Why choose Dish over DirecTV? I originally chose DirecTV strictly for NFL Sunday ticket. I now have just one DirecTiVo unit - a series 1, so I'm not incredibly vested in DirecTV like you. What did they do to make you a displeased customer? Always good to keep options open...

hmmm well i have dish and

hmmm well i have dish and directtv but only the hd10-250 and dsr708 for directtv... no dvr for dish cause its really just for hbo and high def sports that aren't on my local channels.