Abject Beginner needs assistance

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Abject Beginner needs assistance

I just bought your kit and upgraded my HDVR2 with a larger drive and PTV net.  I have it connected to my netgear router with an ethernet cable as recc'd on your site. I have having the following problems:

  1. The enlarged capacity is showing up, but I can no longer record one show while I watch another.  
  2. The unit is not showing up anywhere on my computer (AMD Athlon 64X2 Processor 4200+ with a nVidia 6100 and 2gig of memory running WMC
  3. I have no idea how to FTP etc. I know.

I'm an idiot, but I'm anxious to learn.

  1. DO I need to upgrade my video card to take so I can cable directly into the computer.  
  2. IS there some other software or something I need to do to see the DVR hard drive in my computer? 
  3. What are some good sites for getting me up to speed on the basics of this so I can play. 

I thought I was computer savvey but I stand corrected.



For #1, I only had a single

For #1, I only had a single tuner after I upgraded with a PTVNet Harddrive. Go through the guided setup and that should fix it.

For #2, what kind of NIC are you using? Is it on the approved list? Is it USB1.0 or USB2.0. If it USB1.0 you need to activate the 1.0 drivers and that takes a special serial cable. (I had to get one to get my Belkin NIC to work)

For #3, I don't know what to tell you.. try google..


For #1.  Video card? uhhh... ??

For #2. Just Telnet (but you have to get the NIC on the DVR working first.) I doubt you'll be able to mount the DVR drive to your PC while it's still in the DVR. Anyone ever try to run samba on the DVR?

For #3. Here and use google for things like 'tivo network' or 'tivo extraction'. You'll catch on.





Start, Run cmd.exe and then type ftp://IPADDRESS*  IPDADDRESS*=whatever your tivo's IP address is so: 

For extraction I'm guessing you are talking about the computer? If so, you'll have to look here.  http://www.dvrplayground.com/article/...

Ask detailed questions about how you want to play.  That's what we are all here for, having fun.