Alternative HD DVR for Direct TV

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Alternative HD DVR for Direct TV

I am new to these forums, so I haven't read too much yet on topic, but I hope there is enough users of DirectTV out there, that are unhappy with there break from Tivo. I have the HR-20 and while I have had minumal technical issues, the functionality is horrible, missing great features like swapping from 2 shows while keeping the history, fast forwrding always forwards too far into the show. Well I am not sure if I am alone in this unhappiness. So my question is. Is there an alternative HD DVR to the one direct TV offers? Any other manufacturers with at least the same quality and MPEG 4 compability? Any help would be appreciated from a frustated user missing the old style Tivo. Plus I miss the beeps......

Series 3 standalone....  

Series 3 standalone....


Do you mean Tivo Series 3? I

Do you mean Tivo Series 3? I am using Direct TV and from what I read the Tivo series 3 does not support satellite. Please send me a link or more details. Thanks.

The Tivo Series 3 is for

The Tivo Series 3 is for cable and OTA only. If you want an MPEG-4 recorder for D*, the only current ones that I know of are the HR20-100 and the HR20-700.

These are essentially the same product made by different manufacturers.

If you want to swap between two shows while keeping the history, record both shows and start watching them from your Now Play List.

When you want to switch to the other show, pause the one you are watching, hit the list button and select the other show from your Now Play List. 

This does involve a lot of steps, but it works and if you have a universal remote that supports macros, you should be able to assign a button to switcht to the top show and another button to switch to the 2nd show.

Two live buffers is the most often requested update on the DBSTalk forum. It seems to me that it should be do-able in software and it may appear in a future update. Check the Cutting Edge section for information about new updates.