Box fried (I think)

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Box fried (I think)

We just had a big storm and when I turned on my tv I had no picture.  I tried disconnecting the power from my hughes HDVR2 directivo and reconnecting it and it's been having problems booting up.  I think maybe the hard drive is damaged.  I'm thinking of upgrading to solve the problem, but is there a way to extract the saved videos on the drive assuming the drive isn't totally corrupt?  I don't have network access.  If I install the drive in my PC - can I simply copy the files?  Not familiar with the file type that tivo uses.  Please help.

 Thanks. - Mike.

If your unit isn't booting

If your unit isn't booting (no picture) then something is totally wrong with the unit itself.

If it's stuck on the welcoming powering up screen or doing that and rebooting over and over (reboot loop) then it is most likely the drive but also could be the unit.  I've seen units struck during a storm before and both scenarios happened.

Either way, you're not going to be able to recover anything off of there without a lot of work (dd_rescue to another drive) and even then not guaranteed to work.

You will not be able to put that drive in your PC and boot it up.  If you do that, you lose all hope of recovering anything off of the drive.  Your best bet is to download the manufacturer diags and run quick and advanced on the drive (non-destructive tests).  DO NOT low level format it if you want to try and dd_rescue it.