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First off I would like to thank anyone that can help me with this problem.


Now let me explain the problem.  I'm trying to get cable to a room with no cable outlet, without running cable through the outside of the house.  I tried fishing wire through the house but can not get that to work, we tried everything even had an electrican look for ways around to get cable to the room.  I recently found this device which allows HDMI to cat5 wiring.  If I do that then run the cat5 wire to a powerline, with that being the only power line.  Then in the room take the out powerline and connect it to another cat5 to HDMI and connect the HDMI to the TV could that work.  I would also have a IR extender to that too.


Power Line example:


HDMI to cat5 example:


Thanks and if you have another ideas that would be great.

No, not possible. Without

No, not possible. Without even looking at your links to various examples. I have run cable all my career and that is your only solution other then some type of wireless setup. Your only option is to run new cabling. Sorry but no way you could run it over the power cables. Since the 110v cabling can daisy chain and might have 2 rooms on the same breaker, you will accomplish nothing by trying this. Not to mention that 2 wires will not carry the signal that needed 4 or more.