Can DTivo upgrade integrate into

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Can DTivo upgrade integrate into

I'm in the process of learning and installing an Open Source project called PlutoHome If you're not familar with it, you should check it out, it would be of interest to anybody already reading this forum. The commercial site has nice flash movies that quickly give you an idea of the capabilitites.

I have a DTivo that I'd like to use as a tuner/PVR that can network with the Pluto setup. Basically I'd like to be able to move files from the upgraded Tivo drive to the Pluto drives for archiving or viewing on the other tv's in the house. I'm thinking utilize the second tuner to watch in a seperate room.

In any case I think it would benefit both projects to integrate functions over the network. I'm not familar enough with either to know how to do it, but it seems like some Samba, FTP, cron job, all thrown togather could create some automatic backup/archive of the Tivo drive. Better yet would be Pluto being able to utilise the DriecTivo as if it were an NAS device and tuner combined.

 Thanks in advance for any comments or advice.