Can Hughes HDVR2 input and output share the same line?

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Can Hughes HDVR2 input and output share the same line?


   I wonder if anybody has any knowledge/experience in sharing an input and output line from the Huges HDVR2?  The reason I ask is because we have a fitness room where we would like to view our Tivo'd fitness programming.  The fitness room has coax running to the outside of the house.  However, I don't want to run another line out of my TV room, because it means drilling through 9" of concrete.

   So, I had this thought.  I would take 3 bi-directional splitters.  Lets call them splitter 1, 2, & 3.  If I were to place splitter 1 on the output of my receiver, one output goes to the TV, and the other output goes to splitter 2.  Splitter 2 is connected to one of the lines coming into the the receiver from the multiswitch, and to the line going into the receiver.  Now, we go outside.  Splitter 3 is connected to the line coming out of the house that splitter 2 is connected to, and it is also connected back to the multiswitch and to the line that goes into the Fitness room TV.

   So, basically we have one of the lines coming in from the dish sharing the digital signal from the dish (signals from the receiver to the dish too), and the analog output from the receiver.

Sorry to be so long.  Will this work?  Moreover, do I risk frying my equipment?


Since you have a Hughes HDVR2

Since you have a Hughes HDVR2 you must be using DirecTV therefore splitters will not work.

With that said, you need something called a diplexer which looks like a splitter but has some intelligence.  You'll need two diplexers, one for the source side of things (the multiswitch) and one for the HDVR2 side. 

There are specific sides for diplexers usually labeled #1 and #2 or CATV/ANT and SATELLITE.  You need to pay attention to which cable goes into which side of the diplexor.   I'll use CATV/ANT and SATELLITE for the example.

On the source side, plug the multiswitch into the single port side of the diplexer and plug in the cable run to the fitness room into the SATELLITE side of the diplexer.  The CATV/ANT side will be your feed from the fitness room.  The cable run in the fitness room then needs to be plugged into the single port side of the diplexer and the SATELLITE side of the diplexer should then be plugged into one of the two inputs of the HDVR2.  Still in the fitness room, plug the RF Out  from the HDVR2 to the CATV/ANT side of the fitness room diplexer.    

This works and won't fry your equipment.