Centon ---> a worthy alternative to TiVo?

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Centon ---> a worthy alternative to TiVo?

I currently have Comcast cable & have some TiVo HD DVRs that take their cable cards. Recently, Comcast has been playing cable card shenanigans and I am not happy with what they are ultimately charging me per cable card. Therefore, I have started looking at some alternatives.

The Moxi DVR system seemed like a good choice. One M-cable card to feed up to 3 HDTVs with separate programming and tuners. Unfortunately, they have disconntinued this line of hardware. I guess it can still be found on ebay, but obviously won't have a lot of support if I have a problem. 

TiVo currently has a 4 tuner/1 cable card HD DVR that I might consider. TiVO is then suppose to come out with "Mini-TiVos" sometime this fall. Its essentially a little box/device that will basically allow you to use one of the main DVR's 4 tuners (over your home network) for another HDTV. I am waiting for it to come out and depending on the price point, this could be an option too. 

I have also seen some stuff from a company called Centon. Currently they offer a 4-tuner PC device that accepts cable cards. Either an internal or USB version. You can then get "media extenders" to watch digital TV on various HDTVs in the house that will feed of this main PC with the cable card in it. Right now, the Xbox360 seems to be the only "extender", but they have their own "echo" extender coming out soon for $180. 

I realize I would probably need to build a dedicated PC for this Centon configuration, but just wondering if anyone has had any experience with these Centon products. Good, bad? What other things to say about them. 

Also, any other suggestions for an alternative to TiVo?