Choosing a DVR

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Choosing a DVR

Hi All, HELP !!! I am trying to get to grips in buying a stand alone DVR . The issue is I want it to introduce it to my existing set up : 

I have a sky satellite dish and sky box that I dont subscribe to any more . I use the skybox to stream freeview ... all Tvs are modern LGs and are supplied by an amplified 6 way splitter the feed coming from the sky box  and then cabled to each TV . The TVs have stand alone magic eyes that obviously no longer work as the sky subscription no longer exists ... Each television has freeview facilities. I can get an internet feed to the box if required . 

Having read around some specs ie Humex and the like, some state they cannot be used with a dish?  etc .... what would you guys suggest ? If you have some ideas could you give me at least three models ie lower cost medium and high ...ideslly I would like a unit that I can get I player you tube and all the other items that appear to blow my head at the moment ..seriously any guidance appreciated